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The City of Al-Hussein peace be upon him

11:04 AM | 2020-02-08 439
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

Author: Mohammad Hassan Mustafa Al-Kilidar Al-To'ama

Year of Publication: 1437 Hijri – 2016 AD

This book is considered as one of the works that received the appreciation of the Karbala Center for Studies and Research given the efforts made by the author in the intensive extrapolation of the history of Karbala across its various ages. The book is in seven parts, four of them were printed.

This book is an important historical encyclopedia about the history of Karbala, where the author reviewed in the first part the history of Karbala after the Islamic conquest, the battle of Karbala and the "Tawabeen" movement as well as the construction of the holy shrine in its seven buildings, the visits made by the kings and sultans to the ho;y shrine and a description to the holy shrine.

The second part dealt with the battle of Karbala and its details with a list of names of the martyrs of the prophet's household and the companions of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and the subsequent visits of loyalists and lovers over the centuries.

The third part has referred to the Safavid influence in Iraq then the Ottoman one, then it's browsed the history of Karbala from the tenth Hijri century to the thirteenth century in translations of scholars, governors and travelers ....

Then the fourth part has focused on the emergence of some deviant Islamic movements, the spread of diseases, high prices and some cultural aspects.

In the fifth part, the book has reviewed some of the national movements, the arrival of foreign travelers, and a brief history about the most famous families in Karbala and their tribal roots. While the sixth part was about the resistance against the British occupiers and the presence of the religious supreme authority and Karbala's role in that resistance.

The book has focused in the seventh part on the administrative aspect and the administrative rulers in the two Ottoman eras, the national government and a detail of some of the known genealogies in Karbala.

Last but not least, the eighth part, which was prepared by the Center, was specialized in collecting the indexes related to this encyclopedia.

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