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The high Supreme explains what God wants of man in the Eid and emphasizes that there is a difference between the concept of Eid according to the Islamic view and the view of other nations

02:47 PM | 2018-06-18 1420
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

 The representative of the supreme religious authority, in the Friday speech, that while we bid farewell to the season of religious  near God as the month of Ramadan, we will receive the season of worship the last morning of Eid al-Fitr, indicating that the description of the day "season" is clear through the hadiths Which showed how to revive it according to what God loves, not as loved by the souls.

Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Karbalai said in the second sermon of the Friday prayers of Al-Husseini Al-Sharif on Friday (June 15, 2018) that Eid is a social phenomenon practiced by many peoples and nations, it is once a success or nail or achievement in humans, whether individual or community He pointed out that this expression in the Eid in the societies in general and that there is a difference in the Eid between the concept and the Islamic view and the feast of the nations Other peoples are explored from x The novels and chatter received from the infallible peace be upon them.

He added that is intended to celebrate the nail and success and victory comes as a result of what has been achieved in the month of Ramadan, which is full and textured devotional season characterized by scanty and rich in devotional and spiritual aspects, adding that God wanted man in it to be solid in front of the desires and taboos and instincts as well as the queen of piety and good morals immunization to him and have a compassionate heart and affectionate and caring about the poor and disadvantaged and requires him hunger and thirst for fumbles the suffering of the poor who egged a lot of them when breaking the fast bit of food to satisfy his starving, indicating that God wanted the skilled team physically that senses the pain starts with his heart and soul Some of the poor and disadvantaged classes, as well as in his will that man moves through fasting in his spirit and his heart to the worlds of the afterlife in which hunger and thirst most from hunger and thirst in the lower world.

He said Sheikh Karbalai said Exuberance in the field of religious Ramadan brings victory for the believer to Satan through a victory over the desires and instincts and desires, and that the believer and the nation locked in the last day of the month of Ramadan live the greatest victory of being and fabricated and completed this season religious successfully, his soul gone like the rest of human beings to express Al-Nasr and Al-Zafer, pointing out that the Islamic legislator is alert to the need to pay attention to the fact that the expression of joy and rejoicing in victory like the rest of mankind should not be like the expression practiced by peoples or individuals by means of forbidden and absurd things devoid of purpose. And the connection with God, which stressed the need to fortify the joy that it is not aimless and very fit with the purpose of human creation and presence in the ground.

He said that the festival in Islam, whether Eid al-Fitr or other festivals, is a source and purpose and an end that must be understood, as well as the necessity of knowing how to revive the Eid ceremony, indicating that the imams of the people of the house did not leave this matter without clarification and detail, How man lives this holiday, explaining that the first things that a believer must live in

The day of Eid is a state of fear, anxiety and apprehension that he does not know that I accept fasting until he thanks God or does not accept it until he seeks forgiveness from God and asks him to pardon, indicating that the believer should not be happy at the end of the month of fasting and completing the fast. (Peace be upon him) in this sense, as well as what Imam al-Hasan (peace be upon him) said in one of the accounts that it passed on Eid al-Fitr people playing and laughing and stood on their heads He said: (God has made the month of Ramadan a course to create, they will stay In which he laughed at the players, and the mother of God if God revealed the cover to know that the benefactor busy with his charity, and the abuser busy distracting him, "Indicating That the person either to thank God because before fasting, or that fasting did not accept it must seek forgiveness of God with heartburn and live heartburn regret for what was issued from the abandonment.

the representative of the supreme religious authority said that everyone should start the day of Eid in view of his heart first, if there is a bit of envy, try to take it or something of hypocrisy, then face his brother insured with a smile and a good tongue without incurring in his heart something of enmity and hatred to him and keep away from backbiting and gossip and stabbing .

Al-Shukh al-Karbala'i noted that Islam urged that the Eid prayer be a group, and that among the important things on the day of Eid, which reflect on everyone's diligence to apply it, is that when a person lives by nature, when the atmosphere of joy and pleasure prevails, his heart opens to his brother, forgetting between him and his brother a problem, And begins to give his brother a handshake and embrace and allow him and forgiveness of what was issued from him and thus return to the good relationship between the believers, while at the same time shaking hands and hugging and strengthens the social bond, indicating that this atmosphere is a stronger and stronger in the purification of social relations between believers and clinging to the ranks And to strengthen their social relations, stressing in his speech that everyone when they go to prayer or when they walk in the streets and meet in the house Vlitzlho and embrace and meet each other brother and start with his hands and embrace in order to prevail harmony and faith among the believers and strengthen ties and so God wanted to greet the day of Eid al-Fitr In this environment where the hearts are desolate.

He said the representative of the supreme religious authority that everyone should start the day of Eid in view of his heart first, if there is a bit of envy, try to take it or something of hypocrisy, then face his brother insured with a smile and a good tongue without incurring in his heart something of enmity and hatred to him and keep away from backbiting and gossip and stabbing .

Sheikh Al-Karbalai warned that the brothers should be aware that there are some righteous martyrs who sacrificed for the sake of the continuation of this meeting and in order to keep this faith meeting, and in order to preserve our sanctities and preserve our symptoms, stressing the need not to forget their families, In the previous years, joy, joy and pleasure were the guardians of them and the head of the family and the sponsor of the family and the protector of the family lives among the show, but they are now turning right and left, if the head of the family and the sponsor of the family under the soil has gone martyr with his blood for us and for our sanctities and our symptoms these martyrs and those For families and orphans and those women and men who produced these heroes who upbringing sacrificed them great and we have the right to their religion.

He stressed that the faithful brothers and believers should observe and take care on the day of their feast to visit and inspect the families of the martyrs and the families of the orphans and protect them with the blessing, care, honor and awareness of them that if the head of the family has gone, there are dozens of parents who will save this family, The martyr is one of their land has lost the land of God and this care and sponsorship and embrace for these no doubt they satisfy God Almighty Be vigilant and alert what is important and what God loves you.

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