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The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority

01:45 PM | 2018-06-04 1149
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority, in Friday sermon, the statement of the components of true Shiism and the sincere affiliation of the people of the House peace be upon them, indicating that there is a set of qualities that were available through which to say that this person is true and true and loyal to the people of the House peace be upon them.

Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Karbalai warned in the second sermon of the Friday prayers of Al-Husseini Al-Sharif on Friday (1/6/2018) of the assassinations that are embodied in the vices of morality, but they are different in severity and gravity, From which the Qur'anic verses and the Hadiths are very warning.

Karbalai said that when we study and contemplate how individuals, peoples and nations deal with the movement of the reformist prophets, we find that some vices and psychological qualities led to that deal, which is repudiated with the right to call the Prophets and led to the destruction of those nations and the imposition of severe divine punishments.

He added that it is necessary to meditate on the Quranic verses and the stories of the previous nations in how they deal with the call of truth and the reformers and to know the results so that lessons and lessons can be taken from them so that they will not fall into them. He pointed out that some of the mothers of those qualities which are arrogance, envy, wonder, arrogance, wastefulness and wastefulness He pointed out that these vices and these roots are treated by some with the imam of the right, especially those who had a place in society for authority or money or for integrity, noting that the results of those qualities are blindness of vision and heart deafening ears and hearing the acceptance of the right and obedience to him What De humans to repel himself from following the right hand and repel others also about it.

He pointed out that many of the Quranic verses and history stories have shown how this group deals with the imams of the reform, citing the Almighty saying that " (Or they envy people for what Allah has given them of His bounty, we have given the Book of Abraham and Wisdom, and have given them a great king. 54) Some of them believe in Him, and some of them have repented of Him.

Sheikh Al-Karbalai stressed that envy is what drives them to deal with the leaders of reform in this way, by drawing their personality to alienate them from the society and spreading things that are plagued by lies and lies against these leaders, as well as other methods such as imprisonment, displacement, starvation and other methods that resist the followers Right.

He said that "arrogance" makes man sometimes arrogant and arrogant and arrogant about accepting the right and not dealing with the right man.

Karbalai pointed out that these qualities are not qualities that the imams continued to raise their followers, but worked to be trained to follow their followers to purify their hearts and hearts of these vices, and it is the attributes of the enemies of the people of the House peace be upon them.

Al-Karbala'i reviewed the story of Cain and Abel as they are brothers and sons of a prophet, one of whom is the killing of the other, indicating that in some cases a person finds that there is someone better than him and more efficient in the society and the highest love in the hearts of the people and find him not bear it envy and envy. And that his social character and do something else to him and may lead to murder, explaining that this happens sometimes between a person and a normal person, sometimes between a person with a science and another person of science, sometimes between social entity and other social entity, sometimes between a religious entity and another religious entity , Sometimes between a political entity and another political entity, and sometimes between a clan and another clan p Z multiple levels.

The representative of the supreme religious authority that the most dangerous is the people of science and the presidency, calling for the need to pay attention to tame the self to purify the heart and cleanse of envy and arrogance and hatred.

He explained that the believer who fasts not only prays and fasts and recites the many supplications, although the things and recipes are very required, but the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) when he began his sermon and the virtues of this month pointed at the beginning of the sermon (ask God your Lord sincere structures and hearts pure) Indicating that the pure heart of envy and fear and arrogance and hatred of others represents the key to the true reconciliation of the fasting.

Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Karbalai urged the necessity of cultural awareness and avoid violating the general rules of the society, which are intended to protect the general interests of the society and preserve the rights of its members so as not to infringe upon and conduct various affairs of life on a regular basis so as not to be chaotic, In the various aspects of life, whether economic or living or social and others, pointing out that the issue of keeping the system of mental things that a person is aware of his instinct because he believes in the preservation of his interests and the interests of others, which depend on the regularity of life path And the need for him in his pension and his life, but the biography of the wise agree that keeping the order of things necessary for life and the interests of preserving the interests of people so that there is no community of people, no matter how small, and see the need for that They blame the blame and punishment and even punishment for anyone who violates and causes chaos and damage And hurt because of it.

He pointed out that Islam urged a strong urge to do so and it is enough that the universe is not consistent and does not lead the purposes of the creation of it, but it is a uniform system and uniform not different in a time.

He pointed out that one of the reasons that led to the progress of some societies is their strong commitment and commitment to the implementation of public regulations, indicating that we live in their midst and means to inform them of our situation and our situation are available and they judge us as Muslims and their view of Islam is dependent on the extent of our application of these public systems, But depend on their gaze and us

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