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01:36 PM | 2018-01-29 3283
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

The supreme religious authority called for the adoption of a culture of dialogue and constructive criticism, considering that the means of social communication from Twitter and Facebook and other serious dangers represented by the tongue

The representative of the supreme religious authority Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Al-Karbalai said on 8/1/2018: "We have shown in the previous sermon that Islam was keen to establish ties and social relations cohesive among the believers belonging to him to preserve this keenness of Islam In order to preserve the cohesion and strength of the society so that it can face the internal and external problems and challenges and difficulties experienced by the individual and society. At the same time, it gives the individual and society the ability to reject the path of development, development, stability and prosperity, at the same time Of the great dangers in the world and the other challenges and violations and non-compliance with the social system of social coexistence.

He added that we are a system of social and cultural coexistence between a component of religion with a component of another religion and a component of a specific national affiliation with a component of another national affiliation and a component of sectarian affiliation with a component of another sectarian affiliation .. He pointed out that there are risks that lead to poor social cohesion So that neither the individual nor the society can face the internal and external problems and difficulties. The individual or the society cannot bear the burden of tasks of development, prosperity, stability and so on. Among the important things that threaten the social relations is the issue of intolerance, superstition and arrogance on others.

Al-Karbalai said a number of things that threaten the social safety (the use of violence in dealing with others)

People may also face differences, conflicts and socio-political economic and cultural problems and may face problems within the family, school, job or society. They may also get into contact with individuals in society or may encounter differences with others in attitudes and opinions.

Karbalai wondered how to deal with these things and sometimes there may be a great difference and difference in the important detail of the joints of life How to deal with this difference? What is the Islamic style that if dealing with others in different issues, it can maintain the strength of the relationship and engagement with others, even if the approach of another method that led to the tension of the relationship and get a collision and get results are not favorable .. Mostly brothers note that the human resort to Violent style sometimes by speech and sometimes in the manner of speech and sometimes behave .. Human in two parts:

Sometimes there is a man who is able to control his emotions and emotions and attitudes towards this conflict and the problem, but sometimes there is a person resorting to the violent method even to speak and in the face of this problem or abuse and abuse of others respond violently away from the control of emotions and nerves .. Islam warned against using this Because it complicates the problem and makes it difficult to resolve and may face a similar pattern of violence, leading to a more complex problem and the conflict escalating.

They pointed out that the problem may be simple, but the style of violence used to turn the issue into something complicated and difficult to solve. They noted that Islam considered the seizure of reactions, feelings and emotions considered Jihad Jihad and Greater Jihad. Because the effects of not adjusting feelings and reactions have very serious effects ..

The representative of the reference to my brothers, each of you if faced with the problem of conflict within the home or family or within the clan or between a clan and another or between you and someone else exceeded you and so on .. There must be a control of the reactions and deals quietly with such cases. Sometimes you notice a problem between an individual and another individual or between a family and another or between two or two important components .. If the reaction and dealing with a violent reaction leads to violence in exchange for the other respond more violence and then comes the response of the first more violently and thus turn the situation from simple to A state of violent conflict so Islam urged in such cases to be dealt with Emotions and emotions and dealing with the calm way .. So in order to maintain this social cohesion calls on Islam to deal quietly with these differences and problems and conflicts with others ..

Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalai said that the other thing that threatens the safety of social relations is the use of passive dialogue and non-constructive criticism. He said dialogue is one of the most important methods and the best mechanisms for positive intellectual and social coexistence, also important and effective methods of dealing with and correcting faults, Building. What is the meaning of constructive criticism? If others see a person slip or mistake they have to point out to him and show him this error, but that this sign is reliable and accurate, not that the person haste and take from the phenomena of things and judge according to the phenomena of things to others and indicates imbalance and zeal in others and rush in it .. The criticism must be constructive, and the marking must be credible and reliable. It should be presented in a manner that does not detract from others and does not undermine their scientific and social interests. This is one of the vital methods for alerting others to their faults, faults, mistakes and reforms.

We often follow this culture of dialogue and constructive criticism is absent from our cultural, social and political circles in many cases the dialogue is not objective and is not based on scientific grounds and a superficial dialogue .. The dialogue between me and the other must be a scientific dialogue and if there is a scientific criticism is not Criticism is based on showing the shortcomings and shortcomings of others.

And advised Sheikh Karbalai during his speech in such dialogues and seminars that are held in satellite or public seminars or social meetings or that the group sits with another group .. Try to be a dialogue scientifically accurate based on evidence and depth and at the same time if he has a particular criticism if he put Criticism through means seen and heard by a lot of people .. This must be based on the trust and trust to ensure the state of slippage and error in others and be a method that uses a method does not have a wound to the feelings of others and does not be a derogation of their personality or underestimating them .. From here My brothers need positive dialogue Criticism must be constructive criticism.

He considered Karbalai that one of the things that threaten the integrity of social relations is (Htk sanctity of others and underestimating them and humiliating them)

The believer has a great sanctity against Allah Almighty alive, dead, present and absent. The hadiths have urged the reverence of the believers for each other, respect for them, reverence and modesty for them, and strongly forbade any manner of disrespect, disrespect, contempt, or attrition. The Islamic legislator looked at the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).But we find that some trace the secrets of others and their slips and errors and remind them in front of others or detract from it or issued an act or a statement or a look of contempt or contempt or contempt for others or stabbed their social character, resulting in hatred and hostility and social intersection.

The representative of the reference also said that the things that threaten the integrity of social relations are (flattening the tongue and social exclusion)

Writings of the tongue by the backbiting and gossip and obscenity and insult and stupidity and slander and verbal abuse that emanates from the human and this may lead to the degradation of the social status of the believers, for example, when this man tempts the other man, what are the results? First, God wants you with your heart to love your brother and if you get angry with the other, the feelings of love change to hatred and hatred. Secondly, this leads to socialization, so that no social status is left to him. This leads to social boycotting by others for this believer. The social boycott leads to the fact that your insured brother lives in a state of social isolation and that a person lives in a state of concern and grief and feels this isolation which hinders the collection of his social and living interests.

All these effects are the consequences of human slips .. Note how these effects are transmitted to the community, while God always wants to continue and love between the believers, and noted that the social exclusion of the believer who is more severe than physical killing, social murder by dichotomy of others lead to this man will remain He suffers throughout his life .. Therefore, it is said that it is important in the qualities of the believer that the person always watching his tongue and said in the qualities of the believers that "the heart of the believer in front of his tongue) means if the person wants to speak words do not rush and do not rush and put his words on his heart to be a refinery of this speech The heart and mind found that this Or the benefit of good and spent found the heart and mind that this speech in which harmful is religiously unacceptable and grabbed a mind and stop talking ..

The representative of the reference that the means of social communication and the multiple addresses of Twitter and Facebook and other of these most dangerous represented by the lesions of the tongue .. A person may speak in front of a few people two or three or four people talking about a world or reference or social personality will be affected by this speech and the situation For example, these three or four people, for example, when a person writes on Facebook, for example, perhaps ten thousand will learn his words .. On the Day of Resurrection appears in the record effects that resulted from the ten thousand ..

Therefore, brothers and sisters, if the conversations urge us to stop for example once when I want to speak Balsani, the need for these conversations if you want to write in any site or means of modern communication, which spread my words to tens of thousands should stop a thousand times and not rush as I write Especially that some writings generate a position and opinion when a large group of people .. These effects are all written and the human is not circumvented but in fact this reached thousands of people who have a position and reaction may extend over the years .. So I have to take my brothers to the antiquities The serious consequences ..


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