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Inauguration of Rasulullah (SAWA) is a Program of Comprehensive Reform -Part III-

02:00 PM | 2021-06-09 264
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة



The earlier verses cited that ba’ath is a revolution, and not confined to simply being education, thereby presenting a challenge. This verse 157 from Surah A’araaf (chapter 7 of the Holy Quran) describes what the revolution and challenge is, resulting in sweeping change, which will liberate the masses, and provide them liberty and true freedom.


This is an amazing point, in that the Holy Quran speaks about freedom and liberty 1400 years ago already, whereas people think that this and social justice and other beautiful terms on human rights have been defined by the West! In actual fact, the West has also started making its position vocal on this a few centuries ago after the Renaissance!


Islam, the Holy Quran, and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), through the final purpose of Prophethood and the arrival of all the Prophets (a.s) say that their job was to provide liberty and freedom.


On this, let us delve into the term isr. Arabs traditionally lived in camps in the desert, so the pegs that were nailed into the ground kept the tent sturdy and upright against the wind. So, the reference to isr here is that the Prophets (a.s) came to free us from the pegs which were holding us back and the shackles on our shoulders, which created heavy burden when walking this world as slaves!


Freedom and liberation from the broad darkness, refers to the many social ills across the spectrum, be it racism, slavery, gender justice, injustice committed against the oppressed, social status, tribalism, arrogance, abuse of power, the widening gap in society between those who have versus those who don’t etc.



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