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The Formation Of The Administrative Karbala Brigade: A Reading In The Ottoman Documents

During the Ottoman rule of Iraq and the inclusion of the holy Karbala Brigade "province" alongside its town and villages by the decisions issued then by the Ottoman authorities in Baghdad, the Ottoman government has issued an important decision in 1852 regarding the raising of Karbala's administrative degrees from a district to a brigade, this decision was made as a result to many reasons that some of them were the increase of its political and economic importance as one of most prominent Shiite holy cities, which visited by thousands of pilgrims annually to visit the holy shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas "peace be upon them".

To this end, the administrative departments of the Karbala Brigade were divided according to what was issued the general state of Sultanahma (1856 AD), which consists of the holy city of Karbala, Najaf al-Ashraf, al-Musayyib, al-Rahiliya, Husayniyah, Shufatah and Ain al-Tammur.

Despite the administrative changes and divisions of the Karbala Brigade, the situation did not change until 1868, when a significant change took place in that year, which resulted in the disconnection of the Indian district from the Diwaniyah Brigade and its administrative annexation to the holy Karbala Brigade.

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Encyclopedia of Karbala Civilizational Comprehensive, Documentary Section, C1, pp. 47-47.

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