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جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

When was the first hospital and pharmacy in Karbala, established?

The Karbala Center for Studies and Research at the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein “AS” has monitored in its Vol. VII, pp. 293-294, the health conditions in the Karbala district during the Ottoman era, and the establishment of the first hospital there.


It is worth noting that the Ottoman-ruled Iraqi cities have suffered a lack of public services, potable water, and hygiene, as well as the spread of swamps. The Ottoman government did not take any action about these issues, which led to the outbreak of diseases, such as malaria and cholera.


Despite this, the Ottoman Empire did not care about health services since its occupation of Iraq in 1435 AD until 1871 AD, in which the first public health system was issued, which was named “The Public Health Management System,” as the first article of it obligated the municipalities of the Ottoman states and their administrative units to appoint a doctor and an assistant. The first public hospital in Iraq was opened in Baghdad in 1872 AD. The philanthropists donated the funds necessary to build it, as it was called “Al-Ghuraba” hospital.


In Karbala, the first hospital was opened in 1907 AD, with a capacity of 30 beds. It was named “Al-Hamidiya” hospital after Sultan Abdul Hamid II. As for pharmacies, there was only one in Karbala district in 1911 AD. Most of the population were preferring to take herbs and recipes obtained from local perfumers.



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