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جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
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Companions of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) between truth and skepticism.. "Episode Two"

It is not hidden from most people that the corrupt Umayyad family believed, without any doubt, that killing Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) was a way out of the greatest danger looming over them. To undermine its authority, however, this vision soon revealed its disease, because the blessed fruits of the good tree of his martyrdom left it, through the revolutions that followed Ashura, then the Umayyad authority realized that it had hammered the last nail in its coffin, and hastened its end, so it began making flimsy excuses, and falsifying the facts, And falsifying the facts that would acquit the tyrant, Yazid Ibn Muawiyah, of killing Imam Al-Hussein PBUH never ending slander, until another was fabricated.

A group of bad imams who followed the Umayyad line went for the prohibition of cursing Yazid bin Muawiyah (may God curse him) without any evidence.

 or religious basic or legal other than their personal emotions and what their secrets saturated with grudges against the honorable Prophet’s house entailed, and some pens have begun to respond to these in a scientific way and with irrefutable evidence such as Ibn al-Jawzi, al-Taftazani, Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti and the scholar Abu al-Thana’ al-Alusi) Among the later scholars was Sheikh Baqir Sharif al-Qurashi, and here we present a number of sayings from those who issued a fatwa prohibiting the curse of Yazid:

Al-Ghazali (505 AH) said: If it is said: Is it permissible to curse Yazid? Because he killed Al-Hussein or commanded him? We said that this was not proven in the first place, so it is not permissible to say that he killed him, or ordered him to do so, unless it is proven, let alone the curse.

Because it is not permissible to attribute a Muslim to disbelief without investigation.

Ibn al-Salah (d. 643 AH) added, saying: "It is not true for us that he ordered his killing - i.e. al-Hussein (peace be upon him) -. Rather, he is Ubaidullah bin Ziyad, the governor of Iraq at that time, and as for insulting and cursing Yazid, it is not the business of the believers."


As for Ibn Taymiyyah (d. 728 AH), who was known for his hateful hostility to the family of the Messenger of God (may God bless him and his family) and their Shiites, he said: “Yazid did not order the killing of Hussein, according to the agreement of the people of transmission, but he wrote to Ibn Ziyad to prevent him from the mandate of Iraq .. When he reached that, Yazid - Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) was killed - he showed pain over that, and crying appeared in his house, and he did not insult them at all, but he honored Ahlulbyeit, and rewarded them until he returned them to their country.

And Ibn Taymah added, saying: “As for what he mentioned of the captivity and the offspring and their circulation in the country, and he made them ride camels without saddlebags, then this is a lie and falsehood. As some of them say.


As for Ibn Katheer (d. (774 AH), he did not differ from his predecessors with his sectarian tendencies and his clear fanaticism towards his opponents in thought and belief. He said: “And not all of that army was satisfied with what happened from his killing, that is, the killing of Al-Hussein. It is most conjectured that if Yazid had been able to do it before he was killed, he would have forgiven him, as his father advised him, and as he declared it, informing himself of that.

He cursed Ibn Ziyad for doing that and cursed him as it appears, but he did not isolate him for that, nor punish him, nor send him to blame him for that.

Rather, some of them reached the point of exaggeration to say, "that Al-Hussein was killed by the sword of his grandfather, such as (Ibn Arabi (d. 543 AH) and Ibn Khaldun (d.808AH).

Even more than that, Muhammad Abu Al-Yusr Abdeen (d. 1252 AH), the Mufti of shaam and the imam of the Hanafi era, stated: “The pledge of allegiance to Yazid is legitimate, and whoever revolted against him was a transgression, and Abu Al-Khair Al-Shafi’i Al-Qazwini considered that Yazid be a diligent imam.”

However, these misleading opinions were not based on clear scientific evidence as much as they reap and contradict the truth as a result of clear hatred against the family of the Messenger of God, and it is noticeable that these writings were not met with acceptance by their contemporaries among the scholars who stood up to invalidate these suspicions with healing proofs "as Ibn al-Jawzi (d. 597 AH) ,

Who wrote a book on the permissibility of cursing Yazid, which he called (The Response to the Stubborn Fanatic who Prevents Disparagement of Yazid In it, he responded to Abd al-Mughith al-Harbi (d. 583 AH), who used to forbid that and others who issued fatwas prohibiting curses Yazid .

Among our contemporary scholars who responded to these false suspicions is the scholar Sheikh Baqir Sharif Al-Qurashi in his book (The Life of Imam Al-Hussein) under the title (Delusions and Falsehoods).


There is no doubt that the corrupt Umayyad junta, in justifying the killing of Imam Al-Hussein, especially in this disastrous manner, needed a media machine that had a wide scope, great capabilities, and cunning methods, as well as professionalism in falsifying facts, falsifying facts, fabricating news, and fabricated false hadiths, and their tool in that was the narrators of Sultans preachers, and historians.

And this is not surprising, because these narrators were brought up in this direction, in a school that dictates that defending Yazid is a religious duty, and a legal assignment, that it is not permissible to abandon, so you find them fully prepared to propagate him, and acquit him of any crime or felony. They used to believe that Yazid bin Muawiyah (commander of the believers), and submitting to him with obedience, is a duty, more than anything else, and they do not see any sanctity for Imam Hussein and his blood. And on this wrong building, we find the continuation of the phenomenon of distortion in the issue of Ashura, while updating the methods according to what is required by the temporal and spatial circumstances together, and they did their best and devoted their efforts to broadcasting and spreading these false news and hadiths.



Abdul Amir Al-Qureshi


Islamic researcher




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