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Radon and radon progeny concentrations detection for human serum samples in Karbala governorate, study

11:46 AM | 2022-03-24 137
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

By: Hayder S. Hussain
      Baghdad University College of Science

      Ali Abid Abojassim
      University Of Kufa


The detection of the blood samples is good of a preferable method for observing the inner exposure to radioactive pollutants inside the human's bodies. The present examination focused on measuring radon (²²²Rn) concentrations and radon progeny (²¹⁴Po, ²¹⁸Po which were deposited on the walls of the irradiation chamber and on the face of the detector) concentrations in serum of cancer patients and health samples were collected from males and females volunteers from Kerbala Governorate. This study determines ²²²Rn, ²¹⁸Po and ²¹⁴Po concentrations using an LR-115 type 2 detector. The results reveal that the average value of ²²²Rn concentration in cancer patients and the healthy group in males were 118.65±41.99 Bq/m³ and 5.65±1.67 Bq/m³ respectively, while in females were 137.29±88.16 Bq/m³ and 7.53±1.99 Bq/m³ respectively. The average values of radon progeny ²¹⁴Po, ²¹⁸Po on walls and face in male and female cancer patients (in unit Bq/m³) were 59.19±20.94, 76.65±27.13 and 68.48±43.97, 88.69±56.95 respectively, while the healthy group was 2.82±0.70, 3.65±0.97 and 3.76±0.91, 4.87±1.00 respectively. Accordingly, the average values of the ²²²Rn concentrations with ²¹⁴Po, ²¹⁸Po on POW and POS in serum samples of healthy volunteers were considerably lower than in the group of cancer patients. Also, these average values in the male groups (cancer patients and health) were considerably lower than in the female group.


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