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11:55 AM | 2020-02-29 1162
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

What complicates the health situation in Iraq is the low level of medical institutions, Supreme Religious Authority

   The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalai indicated that the low level of medical institutions in the country has aggressively complicated the health situation.

   Al-Karbalai said during the Friday sermon prayer held at the holy shrine of Imam Hussein "PBUH" on February 28, 2020, that "Health awareness, health care, and the application of medical guidelines are of great importance in citizens' health, as health and wellness of the individual and society are vital necessities for them so they can perform their functions and tasks in order to achieve development, progress, sophistication, and prosperity."

   "There is a common concept about the ultimate health, which is a disease-free-person," he added, pointing out that "This concept is deficient and that the correct concept that should be reached in addition to that, is that the person must have the physical, psychological and mental ability to perform tasks and functions entrusted to them, such as the provision of the required means of living, and the availability of the necessary basics for progress and prosperity for both individual and society".

   The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority explained, "Health awareness depends on the application of three basis. The first of them is to spread the correct health culture based on the clarification of the sound health concepts based on scientific and cognitive evidence taken from the specialists away from the illusions, myths, and outdated customs, while the second basis is about the need to consider health awareness as a necessity of life and its tasks, as the sick individual and community would not eventually be able to perform their duties, which requires a certainty that health awareness is a necessity, not a secondary or marginal matter," adding that "The third basis states that everyone should feel their responsibilities and that everyone is responsible for their own health and the health of the individuals around them, and everyone must work on promoting this basis within the family, school, university, and other places."

   Al-Karbalai has also expressed his regret over the situation of medical institutions in Iraq, saying, "Unfortunately, the medical institutions in our country are substandard, which complicates and hardens the issue in dealing with these matters from now on."

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