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Real Estate Registration in the Karbala District during the Ottoman Era

It was a department established in the Karbala District in 1885 AD after the abolition of the former "Lands Administration Office", which transferred its functions to this new department.


The registration documents of agricultural lands in the state of Baghdad before 1869 AD, were regularly issued by the "Khaqani Log" administration in Istanbul. The other real estate registration transactions were conducted in the state's Sharia courts.


When "Medhat Pasha" assumed the state of Baghdad in 1869 AD, he established a directorate for the Khaqani Log in the center of the state of Baghdad.


As for the Khaqani Log directorate in the Karbala District, it was opened in 1885 AD, as its administrative staff was as follows:



Mawsueat Karbala Al-Hadharia "Karbala Civilizational Encyclopedia". 

A publication of Karbala Center for Studies and Research

The Historical Ax, Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Ottoman Documents

[Vol. 7, Pg. 236-238].



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