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08:20 AM | 2018-04-24 2816
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

The supreme religious authority Warned from what he described as "deviant behavior" and reflected negatively on the doctrine of the Ahl al-Bait of the Prophet (peace be upon them) and their Shia followers.


The representative of the supreme authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdulmahdi Al-Karbalai, in the Friday speech, which he delivered from inside the holy the shrine of Imam Hussein "Today, 3/4/1439 Hijri corresponding to 20/4/2018". Brothers and sisters we are now in the second part of the correct Shiism and the true following of the Ahl al-Bait of the Prophet (peace be upon them). We have already mentioned that in the time of the imams (peace be upon them) they found some Shiites, which they have a lack of awareness of the truth and the essence of Shiism, or misunderstanding, negligence, suspicion or malfunction in the application.

He added that if these things left, they would pose a danger to the maintenance and preservation of the essence and the reality of the doctrine of the Ahl al-Bait of the prophet, so they often alert their Shiites and followers to clarify the truth and the essence of Shiism, what is Shiism in fact and substance. And we clarify that there are four elements must be combined, which they are the correct doctrine and Legitimate worship and good rituals and good deeds and Virtuous morals, these four elements are what we benefit from the conversations of the Ahl al-Bait (peace be upon them). Who combined these four elements is true to be called a true Shia in his followers to the imams of the Ahl al-Bait. If he defects one of these four things, then there is a defect in the truth of his shiism and the essence of his following to the Ahl al-Bait. So many conversations received, especially from the Imam al-Baqir and al-Sadiq (peace be upon them) in which they warned in their conversations the importance of paying attention and awareness of the fact that the essence of the doctrine of the Ahl al-Bait and what is the sincere followers of the imams of the Ahl al-Bait.


He continued, "We mentioned some of the components and indicators, which indicates this situation. And we mention here some other and we turn to this point:

- The importance of reflecting the good reputation of the public address and caution of deviant behaviors

Sometimes a person commits a bad deed in unacceptable language. This is will be reflected personally, and sometimes he may commit an act or behavior, or an unacceptable speech, reflect and harm the public address and harm all followers of the public address. This is very dangerous.

Note that the followers of the Ahl al-Bait in most of the societies in which they live and live in mixed with the other doctrine owners and other religions. And he majority of people find that behavior, ethics, and the words of those followers are a reflective mirror of masters of their doctrine.

Sometimes man comes to this thought and to this religion reading its ideas and methodology and its methods of life and judge in the light of his reading of these ideas and curriculum, regardless of the behavior of the followers of this curriculum, whether good or abused. But most people do not come to the same doctrine and religion and thought to judge these ideas and curricula and say this is right and this is false and this is true and this is wrong, they come to the behaviors of the same followers and make these behaviors and ethics as the mirror that reflects the literature and ethics and the curriculum of the leaders of this doctrine. Here we come and apply this meaning of the behavior, ethics and behavior of followers of the Ahl al-Bait.

Therefore, we find the Ahl al-Bait (peace be upon them) warned Shiites of any behavior or social behavior or immoral practices or words that offend others and their symbols and sanctities. because the reflection is not limited to the same people who commit these actions, but to all of the public address of the imams (peace be upon them) and the entire doctrine. This means that the leaders of the doctrine rather than being in a position of love and respect for others and the title of the doctrine with all its followers in the same position will be converted to the site of hatred and hostility but perhaps insulting and abuse.

On the contrary, living with others by the followers of the Ahl al-Bait (peace be upon them) with good ethics and good cooperation and the proper speech that is free of hurt feelings and insult and accusation will bring love and respect to the Ahl al-Bait (peace be upon them) and to the title of the doctrine in general. And be a reason to attract others to the thought of the doctrine and peaceful coexistence with them in respect and appreciation and cooperation Which brings good for all.

Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: If a man of you is devout in his religion and sincerity of the speech and led to honesty and good creation with the people, this is said to be a Jafari. So I am pleased with it. And he would enter the pleasure to me, and said this is the behavior of Jafar. Otherwise, he would bring me only his shame and scourge and said this is the behavior of Jafar.

Of Imam Sadiq, (peace be upon him): do not ever do a deed that could bring to us the shame. Because the bad boy will be shame of his father job, and be for those who you left as gaud and do not be upon him as a sin. Connect their families, return their patients, witness their funerals, and do not let them precede you to anything of good.

Sheikh Abdulmahdi al-Karbalai said, "It is also important in the components of real Shiism and sincere follow-up is the issue of economic and subsistence interdependence and not allow the class inequality:

Look at Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) my brothers, he was been asked by people from where they come from different regions of Kufa and the rest of the regions. Because Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) was asked. From Mohammed Ibn Ajlan, he said, I was in present of Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) where a man entered and said peace be upon him, Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) asked the man, the people in your village how do they do. The man answered, they mentioned them with goodness, which mean he talked about them with best and good.

Then Imam asked him, how is their hospitality and their relationship to the poor at sickness?

The man answered, not so much.

Imam asked, do rich people visit poor people?

The man: not so much.

Imam asked, what is the relationship between rich people for poor people n giving?

The man: not so much

Please meditate the phrase and the questions of the Imam (peace be upon him). Observe the question of Imam (peace be upon him), he did not ask and say to him poor people at your home if they came to the rich and asked them a need. And they gave them this need and gave them money. He did not asked this kind of questions, but he said rich people, how is their hospitality and their relationship to the poor?

It means, are rich people initiate to come to the poor people and ask them if they had a need. And they began to serve their needs?

There is a difference between the two situations, why Imam (peace be upon him) is warning to pay attention to this point? Imam (peace be upon him) wants to save the dignity and wants to preserve the dignity of the poor. If you noticed his answer is: He said (few).

Pay attention for the Imam's (peace be upon him) say: what is the relationship between rich people for poor people n giving?

Then Imam said you are mentioning the least behaves, which we rare have someone with it.

They observed the man's answer to Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him): "you are mentioning the least behaves, which we rare have someone with it '" This means that the behaves that you mentioning are rarely found in us. Imam (peace be upon him) answers him here: "How do you claim that these are Shia?"

He continued his speech, "This is the standard that you test yourself. You are now following Ahl al-Bait. God preferred some to each other, and managed to have a livelihood and money and a rich and gifted. And you find the two live adjacent to each other, resulting from this class inequality in which the disadvantaged feel injustice and the lack of interest of others. resulting from it, which is an important point where it produces a state of enmity and hatred and a sense of injustice, which produces a state of conflict and hatred between the community and therefore Imam (peace be upon him): (how to claim that these Shia) as if he wants to tell the man, back To them and say to them, my Imam is saying these are the behaves of Shia turned to them. And pay attention for them and have them, in order to get to the system of social solidarity, which means the community will hold each other.

Sheikh Abdulmahdi Al-Karbalai ended his speech with :We are asking God to give the best to satisfy him, because he is the only one who can hear us and respond us. and we are grateful to God for his gifts and peace be upon his prophet Mohammed and his best followers of his family Ahl al-Bait.

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