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جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

''Companions of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) between truth and skepticism.. "Episode Three

Besieging everything related to Ashura, and working to erase it and obliterate its features from the memory and conscience of the nation, and to prevent it from taking root in the hearts, and this method came in many forms, including:


The first: preventing the narration of the story of the killing of Al-Hussein, and the holding of Husseini funerals, through the preachers of the sultans who issued fatwas prohibiting the holding of mourning funerals, and the prohibition of the narration of his martyrdom

Al-Ghazali issued a fatwa in this regard by saying: (It is forbidden for the preacher and others to narrate the killing of Al-Hussein, his stories, and what happened between the Companions of quarreling and squabbling, because it stirs up hatred of the Companions, and slandering them, and they are the figures of the religion).In fact, the issuance of these fatwas aims to serve the unjust rulers and achieve their interests.


The second: the tyrants and oppressors of authority who practiced prevention by force, killing and terrorism, in an attempt to erase the incident from the memory of the nation, its feelings, and its emotions.

History books have been full of many events and incidents that the Majalis of mourning have been exposed to since their establishment. Ibn al-Jawzi and Ibn al-Athir transmitted many of them. Since the fourth century, the bloody attacks on the events of Ashura have been at the forefront of the events of the Hijri years, as the Abbasid authorities, the Seljuks, the Uthman family, and the Mamluks, and after them the ended Ba’athist regime, practiced the most severe types of injustice and oppression towards these rituals. Ashura forums annually, devoid of renewed attacks, especially in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. These cowardly and bloody attacks reveal a deep-seated hatred and blind fanaticism, fueled by those affected by Karbala and the approach of Ashura.


Ibn al-Jawzi said: On Thursday, corresponding to the middle of Jumada al-Awwal in the year 389 AH, the Shiites used to erect domes in Karkh and Bab al-Taq, wear festive clothes, display their adornments on the Day of Ghadir, light fires on its night, and slaughter a camel on its morning.

The other group wanted to do something in return for this, so they claimed that the eighth day of the Day of Ghadir was the day on which the Prophet stayed in the cave and Abu Bakr was with him. On the occasion of the day of Ashura, eight days after it, I claim that it is the day of the killing of Musab bin Al-Zubayr, and they visited his grave in a dwelling, just as the grave of Al-Hussein is visited.


However, these decrees invented by the Hanbalis did not continue because what the sky wants is one thing and what man wants is something else. It is the struggle of truth and falsehood. ''It is incumbent upon us to help the believers''.

It is not hidden from anyone that Muawiya was the first to falsify history, and he fabricated a lot of fake news, to obscure the status of the people of the House of God.

In this regard, al-Madaini said: “Ibn Arafa, who is known as Naftawayh, and he is one of the greatest hadith scholars and their most prominent scholars in his history, narrated what is appropriate for this news, and he said: Most of the fabricated hadiths about the virtues of the Companions were fabricated during the days of the Umayyads, to bring them closer to what they think they are coercing the noses of the Hashemites.

I said: It does not necessitate that Ali (pbuh) be offended by him mentioning the loyal companions, except that Muawiya and Bani Umayyah used to clarify the matter from this on what they thought of Ali as the enemy of those who preceded him, and the matter was not in reality as they thought it was, but he believed that Ali Peace be upon him is better than them and that they took over the caliphate over him without his consent to them, nor their innocence from him to them .


And Al-Madani continued, saying, “Then he wrote to his workers that the hadith about Uthman had increased in severity in all of Egypt, and in every face and direction, so if my book comes to you, invite people to narrate the virtues of the first companions and caliphs, and do not leave any news narrated by any of the Muslims about Abu Turab (one of the nicknames of Ali PBUH) except that you bring me something that contradicts it in the Companions, for this is dearer to me, and confirm my eyes, and refute the argument of Abu Turab and his Shiites, and more severe for them than the virtues of Uthman . So I read his books to the people, and  many news narrated about the merits of the Companions, fabricated and without truth. So people strived in the narration of what is going on in this line until they praised the mention of it on the pulpits, and it was conveyed by the teachers and writers, so they taught their young children and their scholars from that vast abundance, until they narrated it and learned it as they learn the Qur’an and even taught it to their daughters, women, servants, and their decency, so they spread that misguidance.


In connection with the event, we find that the false narratives were deeper and more ancient than that Including what was attributed to Hakim bin Hizam that he was born inside the Kaaba, and the aim of this narration is one of the clearest evidences that show the competition of Ali, peace be upon him, in his uniqueness in this sacred privacy ..



     Abdul Amir Al-Qureshi


     Islamic researcher





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