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10:55 AM | 2018-01-02 2177
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

The system of social coexistence within the limits of one religious affiliation or the system of social coexistence between the brothers in one religion

Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai said during the second sermon for Friday prayers, 29/12/2017 :  ( Brothers and sisters, we are still talking about the system of social coexistence among brothers in one religion. We are connected with each other by faith in God Almighty )


He added that the strongest and most important links among humans is the bond of faith in Almighty God, they represent the mystery of existence and the purpose of God's creation of create an humane so it became one of the most important links that must be placed in the system of the relations and a nature of life and when anybody did that he will enter into loyalty to God Almighty and his prophets and enter into the faith, it was framed by the Islamic system of rights as we explained earlier because the Islamic system wants to give it the status of the obligation and strength.


Here we will mention the basics of this ethics and our relationships and every man has to test himself and check how much of this morality he has?


1.    preserve the legal personality of the believer :


The Islam is also keen to preserve the life of the believer and is keen on physical safety also keen on the integrity of the moral personality of the believer, all of the above is a set of things, this believer when entered into faith with him I should respect him and that the preservation of his dignity from exposure to humiliation, mistrust and rhythm in the circle of doubts, For example, a man who has a balance of knowledge and piety should honor and preserve his personality from humiliation more than others, a person who has a social status or a family place such as a father should be respected more than others, a mother should be respected and more honored than others in the family, a younger brother with his older brother, a small sister with her older sister must respect her and preserve her personality from humiliation and other non-respect.


  Compassion among the believers :


Note my brothers there is a social mercy and there is psychological mercy, my brothers always look at your hearts, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) wanted mercy among us all and between us and other people, there is also a special mercy for the owners of afflictions, poor, sick and wounded, there is a special mercy such as the mercy of the father with his son, How many fathers are carrying the bizarrely cruel towards their children, the mercy of a doctor with his patient, one of the faith basics is a mercy of a doctor with his patient and the mercy of the teachers and the professors with their students, dear believer, if you see a disobedient person , help him according to mercy.


    Support and Cooperation :


Support means not enabling the enemy to hurt others and advising him when he needs, especially if injustice or abuse of others, hence if a right holder is weak and cannot able to recover his right, you have to support him and help him to recover his right.


   Handle Gently and Respectfully :


When you get a problem and social conflict, the right way in which the believer must do is the style of kindness and dialogue, which is called for by Islam and the reason that the style of kindness and dialogue enters the heart of man directly and it can solve the problem and conflict faster.


   Social Communication in relations and avoiding estrangement and abandonment :


Islam has urged Muslims to maintain social relations among the believers and to maintain their cohesion, strength and work hard to keep the faith society away from all things that lead to weakness and disintegration of social relations among them so as to strengthen the Islamic social entity needs to face the internal and external challenges and difficulties.


We ask the God Almighty to take in the hands of all to the good the goodness of Iraq and its people.




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