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The supreme religious leadership expressed its high appreciation to the various parties in which have avoided armed clash in Kirkuk and other common areas, explaining that the army's entry to those areas is not considered a victory for one aspect and a de

09:56 AM | 2017-10-22 1514
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة


It expressed its high appreciation to the various parties in which have avoided armed conflict in Kirkuk and other common areas, by Sheikh Al-Karbalai on Friday sermon 20/10/2017 High religious leadership is explaining that the army's entry to those areas is not considered a victory for one aspect and not for another but it’s for all Iraqis.

Sheikh Al-Karbalai said : Everyone knows the latest developments in the political and security arena, the redeployment of the Iraqi army and federal police in the province of Kirkuk and some other areas, expressing our high appreciation for the good conduct of the various parties to complete this process peacefully, to avoid the armed clash among the brothers who have worked alongside in the fight against ISIS and we emphasize that this important event should not be counted as a victory for the aspect and defeat to another aspect, it is a victory for the Iraqis.

He also said : that the Iraqis with all sects like Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and others live with each other in our dear country, they have no chance to build a better tomorrow security, stability, prosperity and well-being if everyone not cooperates to solve the problems accumulated over the past years, based on the principles of justice and equity, equality of all Iraqis in rights and duties and build confidence among of them away from authoritarian tendencies and ethnic or sectarian rule And to resort to the Constitution, which is the bond that was accepted by most Iraqis at the time of the referendum, it must be respected and the care of all its articles and items until it is modified according to the prescribed approach.

And called on the concerned parties to take appropriate measures to pursue those who carry out these immoral acts in which detrimental to the civil peace and coexistence between the people of this country.

The supreme religious leadership also called on the federal government to do more to reassure the Kurdish citizens that it will employ all its energies in order to protect and care on an equal footing with the rest of the Iraqis, they will not detract from their constitutional rights.

Sheikh Karbalai concluded by saying, "We thank and ask the God to keep all the sects of this country with the blessing of the Prophet Muhammad and his family.

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