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High religious leadership had blessed the Iraqi people and their armed forces because they have been implementing a regulations in Alhawija city with end of ISIS and calls to end of the others

01:21 PM | 2017-10-10 1019
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

High religious leadership had blessed the Iraqi people and their Armey and the holy Iraqi popular mobilizations because they have been implementing a regulations in Alhawija city and the others which are around it and hoped to complete what is left under their control soon with the help of the God.

Blessed the Iraqi People and their Armed Forces Because They Have Been Implementing a Regulations in Alhawija City with End of ISIS and Calls to Finish of the Others, by Sheikh Al-Karbalai on Friday sermon 6/10/2017 High religious leadership remembered their sacrifices for their country and asked the God to keep them

Sheikh Al-Karbalai said, the days of Ashura are over and may God reward you with good in the establishment of condolences assembly to Imam Hussein and participate in various rituals held on this sad occasion

And he said we have to change ourselves by these rituals and ceremony to be good and honest, this time must be the season of transformation and change, we have to change  these Assemblies and processions to a school from which learn us a lot, we have to stop for meditate and contemplate with a personal constituents of friends of Imam Hussein to use their ethics and principles in a practice of our lives in all its aspects in order to end the days of these rituals with change in our ethics and principles.


Sheikh Al-Karbalai also said: there is no doubt that the friends of Imam Hussein did not reach this status arbitrarily but there was a beginning of the ideological and behavioral components, spiritual and psychological made them ready for this time, which did not succeed to access it a so many of them whom were in the era of Imam Hussein who were among his friends at the beginning of his journey.


We have to do all these for two reasons:

First: We hope and hopeful to arrive even to a minimum level of their great level.

Secondly: In every time and place there is a temptation and a test that is somewhat similar to the test and tribulations experienced by the friends of Imam Hussein.


the purpose of above talk that we seek to earn these qualities until we reach even to arrive even to a minimum level of their great level. these qualities are as following :

First: awareness and insight into the realities of religion and its true leadership

Second: the courage to make the right decision


Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Karbalai concluded by saying: Praise be to God, that let us to see some of men who similar to friends of Imam Hussein

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