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The high eminence renew its claims to refuse everybody who that’s have a corruptions with all the life scoops

01:25 PM | 2017-09-24 1312
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة



The high eminence renew its claims to refuse everyone who that’s have a corruptions with all the life scoops with keeping of Imam Hussein principles in our life

Anti – Corruption and refused a thief leaders , by Sheikh Al-Karbalai on Friday sermon 22/9/2017 renewed his claims to anti – corruption and refused a thief leaders , he said We enter the month of Muharram with some evidence and practices which belong to the family of the Prophet Muhammad and are the essence and ethics of the Prophet Muhammad and as the Prophet Muhammad said ( Hussein from me and I from Hussein ) , Karbalai has a number of principles that we must implement :


1.    Adopt and practice of equality , reform , refused a thief leaders and anti – corruption

This does not mean that it is a one field only ,but all the fields of life and should be made by the leaders and responsibilities of community and the revolution of Imam Al-Hussein is adopting to keep a practice of equality , respect with all bodies.

2.    Belief and loyalty to faith

Represents the honest to affiliation of approach the Prophet Muhammad and his family begin from Imam Al-Hussein to Imam Al-Mahdi and should be affiliation with all the details because all of the above are related to the revolution and respect of Imam Al-Hussein


3.    Obligation to the principle of acceptance of good leadership and rejection of corrupt leadership

All things of this point related to the responsibilities and leaders and their obligations to respects and services the community and people , right now all of our leaderships are corruptions that because the people vote them, at this time the people have to get attentions and never vote them again and make a good choice for a future.


4.    Activating the principle of reform and Promotion of good work and the prohibition of vice

All of you know Imam Al-Hussein has so many principles and objectives that which in revolted against the oppressors because of it like reform and promotion of good work and the prohibition of vice , this duty is one of many a great religious duties


5.    Keep the humanity principles even in case of War

That means everyone have to respect his against even at the time of war and leave a disloyalty like Muslim ben Akeel he is a cousin of Imam Al-Hussein when he could to kill Obaidallah ben Ziyad so easy but was with a some of disloyalty because Obaidall had been didn’t know that, that incident gave us a great advice


6.    domestication a soul to patience and leave a hurry , urgency and despair

The revolution of Imam Al-Hussein have been learning us its not compulsory to see the results of objectives immediately but we have to wait and work in honest and patience methods , we have to domesticate our soul to patience and leave a hurry , urgency and despair

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