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09:57 AM | 2021-08-04 89
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

The incident of Ghadeer is undeniable, and absolutely beyond dispute. It did occur!


It is overwhelmingly recorded among Sunni scholars, but there are few Scholars who actually do dispute whether the event of Ghadeer on 18 Dhil Hijja actually occurred.


These scholars are not really considered Sunni but rather Wahhabi. Among them is the father of Wahhabism, ibn Taymiyyah who disputed it.


After the conference in Chechnya where over 200 top Sunni scholars from around the world gathered to define “what is a Sunni”, we can confidently say that those who deny the incident of Ghadier are not Sunni as Sunni’s acknowledge this event!


However, among ibn Taymiyyah’s “ideological descendants” is the prominent Salafi scholar, Nasiruddin Albaani who regards the narrations of Ghadeer as authentic.


Even the grand Saudi scholar, Mufti bin Baaz agreed that Ghadeer took place. So there is clearly no question about the actual occurrence of the event of Ghadeer.


Furthermore, it is narrated by 110 Sahaba and hundreds of Tabi’een.



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