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جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

According to the historical records, 26th Rajab is the day of the demise of a great personality in the history of Islam, who supported Islam before bi’that.


We speak about 27th Rajab as the first day of Islam, due to the first revelation to our Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) on this day. But even before the start of revelation, there was a great supporter standing behind Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).


26th Rajab is the demise of his uncle and the greatest protector and shelter of Islam, Abu Talib (a.s). There is too much to talk about this sublime personality, but unfortunately, we are far too indulged in sectarian prejudice and hate, that we have Muslim elements wanting to deny this personality and similar personalities who played a crucial role in the background, in those most difficult early days of Islam.


Abu Talib (a.s) is the hero amongst them, but we should never forget Amina bint Wahab, the mother of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). She is unfortunately hardly ever discussed by Muslims. What about other personalities who may not have come very openly proclaiming Shahada, but without their support, it would not have been possible for our Rasulullah (SAWA) to convey the message of Islam.


Now, should I say that it is a coincidence that Abu Talib (a.s) happened to be the greatest supporter of Rasulullah (SAWA) and the shelter of Islam, which allowed for Islam to start under his protection of Rasulullah (SAWA). Since this man happened to be the father of Imam Ali (a.s) as well, that surely is enough of a “crime” for Muslim extremists to declare him as kaafir (disbeliever)!!!


The fact that we are Muslim today makes us indebted to Abu Talib (a.s) for his sacrifice, but Muslims extremists try their level best to convince us that he was not a mu’min (true believer)!


The fact that he is the father of Ali (a.s) and the grandfather of Hasan (a.s) and Hussain (a.s) is the “biggest crime” for which he is punished by the Wahhabis, and the worst of the worst enemies, who were part and parcel of every conspiracy against Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), including plotting his assassination, and (supposedly) accepted Islam out of no choice, are afforded high status by the same Wahhabis!


Abu Talib (a.s) had an international reputation! In those most challenging days when Islam was alone, it became impossible for them to survive in Mecca, and hence were forced to migrate to Ethiopia. Historical records explain that Abu Talib (a.s) had already established contact with the king of Ethiopia.


He wrote a letter addressed to the king and sent it along with the group that migrated under the leadership of Ja’far. In this letter, Abu Talib (a.s) explains to the king of Ethiopia that Muhammad (SAWA) is a divine Prophet (a.s), in the same way that Moses (a.s) and Jesus (a.s) were divine Prophets (a.s). And he was sent as a guide to the people.


Furthermore, Abu Talib (a.s) was a great poet, and he praises our Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) with the choicest words of respect and affection in his Nasheed, showering beauty and the divine light of Rasulullah (SAWA).


With great shame, Abu Talib (a.s) is not afforded any status by many Muslims. The question we all need to ask ourselves, if we remove Abu Talib and his children, then what would be left by the name of Islam?!


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