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Imam Ali's will on his deathbed

11:01 AM | 2019-11-25 952
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

   Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib "peace be upon him" recited his last wills one after the other, calling for the implementation of the Allah Almighty's commandments, and warning of indiscretion and retreat from carrying the Islamic message.

   Among those wills, the one that he addressed with it, his sons Hassan and Hussein "peace be upon them", his household, and generations of the Islamic nation in the future: "I recommend you to abide Allah Almighty, not to seek for false desires, and do not regret for something you’ve lost. Speak the truth all the time, work for obtaining Allah's blessings, and be a relief for the oppressed, and an adversary against the oppressor."

   "I command you and all my children and family, as well as those who read my letter, to fear Allah Almighty, to regulate your affairs, and to maintain your relations with others, as I heard your grandfather the prophet Muhammad "peace be upon him and his household" says: "Maintaining your relations with others is better than prayer and fasting."

   Imam Ali "pbuh" added that "Do not forget about the orphans, do not silence their mouths, and do not let them getting lost on your watch."

   "Do not forget about your neighbors, as they are one of the commandments of your prophet, and he still recommend about them until we thought he would made them inherit each other."

   "Do not forget about the Qur'an, and don’t let anyone beat you up to it."

   "Do not forget about the prayer, it is the pillar of your religion."

   "Do not forget about the house of your Lord, do not abandon it as long as you live, because if it was abandoned, then you wouldn’t be blessed."

   "Do not forget about the giving up your wealth, yourselves, and your tongues for the sake of Allah."

"And you should communicate with others, and show modesty. Do not disconnect from your next of kin, do not leave the order of virtue and the prevention of evil, or the most evil ones among you shall govern you, then you pray but no one will answer you." (1)



 (1) Nahj al-Balagha Vol. 17.

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