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The high Supreme Religious Authority Council blamed the two governments for the suffering of the people of Basra and warned against the negative employment of social networking sites

08:26 AM | 2018-08-26 516
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

The representative of the supreme religious authority, in the sermon Friday, that "the complaints of citizens in the province of Basra  Are still suffering from severe shortages of potable water, the lack of water for drinking water, even for bathing and other human use. "

Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Karbalai (Dam Azza) said in the second sermon of Friday prayer from Al-Husseini Al-Sharif on Friday (24/8/2018): "The use of contaminated water by some citizens resulted in poisoning and some skin diseases Despite repeated appeals from the religious authority and others, efforts to find a solution to this dilemma, albeit temporarily, remain below the minimum. "

"It is very regrettable that this humanitarian crisis to this day does not find the appropriate attention to it by the competent government agencies, which do not improve, but some blame some others and blame it for negligence in this file."

Karbalai stressed that "the human, national and legitimate duty requires the concerned authorities and departments to cooperate and coordinate among themselves in order to put an end to the suffering of our people in the province of Basra and to find a suitable and speedy solution to their problem, which is possible if the serious will and sincere intention and attention of officials in the two central governments And moved in the spirit of one team, and took firm decisions and urgent, away from the routine procedures and the conflict of powers between the different circles.

The representative of the supreme religious authority that "the social phenomena that prevailed in our societies in recent times is the addiction to the use of social networking sites and misuse of them, so that it became a lot of necessities of life, which are still small and large and men and women, and become inherent to man in all joints of his life And has a key role in the formulation of many ideological and cultural positions and political views and the adoption of customs and traditions and the formation of views and social impressions and has a strong impact on the psychological, emotional and moral.

He added that these sites are now available to all children, which constitutes a serious factor in the social, cultural and psychological development and the formulation of opinions, ideas, customs and traditions and threaten the social, moral and political security of the individual and society. , If not rationalized use.

He added, "There is no doubt that this system has a great positive role if it is best used and served the interests of the individual and society in all aspects of his life. It facilitated the constructive social communication and the removal of temporal and spatial barriers between family members and members of one society and different communities. And exchange ideas and ideas easily and very quickly, as well as in the transfer of information and news. "

Al-Karbalaii added that "It is also noticeable the widespread and widespread use and negative use of negative ideas in many areas of life, including spreading perverse ideas, promoting them and negative social communication by establishing religious and moral relations, violating privacy, misleading others and destroying real social relations because of the widespread use of the virtual world and the exclusion of the individual And the establishment of relations outside the frameworks of social relations initiated by Sharia and the law and social custom, which led to the disintegration of many of the captives and the separation of couples from each other and the individual to situations of isolation from reality Social, depression, anxiety and psychological disorder until the use and employment of this system has become a dangerous double-edged sword. "

"Unfortunately, the most popular use is the passive recruitment of this system," he said.

He besieged the need to educate the individual and society about the negative social, moral and political consequences of the incorrect employment of this system, and to make the necessary recommendations to try to make positive use of positive and constructive use. He pointed out that the main concern is to clarify the negative effects of uncontrolled use For these systems from the door of warning and warning of large risks if there are no limits and controls committed to this use. "

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