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جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
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Companions of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) between truth and skepticism (Umayyad misinformation) …First episode

Companions of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) between truth and skepticism  (Umayyad misinformation)  …First episode


The effects of Al Husseini renaissance, its goals and starting points, exceeded the limits of time and place, as it posed a threat to all manifestations of injustice and tyranny, and laid the foundations for a continuous approach, which revived the spirit of sacrifice and redemption in the souls of the nation, and stirred the rebellious blood in the veins of the free.

The size of the influence achieved by the Husseini renaissance with this power made it in danger of being targeted by the attacks of the sultans of injustice and oppression throughout the ages and times. It is not surprising that the heirs of the Sufyani Umayyad line did everything they could to distort the image of this renaissance and attempt to desecrate its purity and purity serenty, and limit its ability to spread. Despite adopting a number of different arguments and slanders, including: stripping the blessed Husseini renaissance of its features and religious character, and giving it a worldly character, as a worldly struggle for power, between two neighborhoods of Quraysh; To lose its sanctity, and its ability to influence permanently.


Among the fabrications promoted by the Umayyad media is that Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) only went out to seek power, however, the heaven’s news to the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, of the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussein, and the Prophet’s news of that, as reported by the two teams, is sufficient to refute these false fabrications.

It was reported on the authority of Aisha or Umm Salama that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said to her: An angel entered the house that had not entered me before, and he told me that this son of yours, Hussain, was killed, and if you wish, I will show you the soil of the land where he is killed. It was narrated by Abd al-Razzaq, on the authority of Abdullah bin Saeed bin Abi Hind, similarly, except that he said Umm Salamah, and he did not doubt, and its chain of transmission is authentic. Narrated by Ahmad bin Hambal and the people.

Al-Haytami said, and in the narration of Al-Mulla and Ibn Ahmad, in the continuation of the narration, she said: Then he handed me a handful of red soil and said: This is from the soil of the land with which he is killed, so when it becomes blood, know that he has been killed

In another narration, then he said: I mean, Gabriel, shall I show you the soil of his death? So he brought soil, and the Messenger of God put it in a phial

Umm Salama said: So I put it in a phial with me, and I used to say that a day when it will turn into blood is a great day, and according to a narration from her, I poured it on the day that Al-Hussein was killed, and it turned into blood, I heard someone says

O killers  of Hussain out of ignorance

presage for you by torment and humiliation

You have cursed on the tongue of the son of David

And Moses and the bearer of the Gospel

She said, so I cried and opened the vial, and the soil had changed into blood

Al-Haytami added by saying: Ibn Sa’d narrated that Al-Sha’bi said that Ali, may God be pleased with him, passed by Karbala when he was on his way to Siffin, and Nineveh was adjacent to a village on the Euphrates, so he stopped and asked about the name of this land, and it was said Karbala, so he wept until the earth was soaked with his tears, then he said, I entered upon the Messenger of God while he was weeping, and I said what makes you weep. He said :Gabriel came to me and told me that my son Al-Hussein will be killed at the bank of the Euphrates in a place called Karbala. Then Gabriel took a handful of dust that he smelled to me, so I could not stop my eyes from crying 

Likewise, Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) took the truth of his martyrdom from his grandfather, the Chosen One, and declared it since he left Medina, and he said when calling for Bani Hashem

Ibn Farrukh al-Saffar said that when al-Husayn separated on his way, he called for Qurtas ( a piece of skin at that time for writing)

He wrote : after the following ,For whoever of you follows me will be martyred, and whoever does not join me will not attain victory and peace

And before departing, al-Hussein (a.s.) stood up to deliver a sermon. He said, ''All praise is due to Allah. The Will of Allah be done. There is no might except in Allah. Allah has blessed His Messenger. Death is inscribed on Adam’s children like a necklace on a girl’s neck. My passion to be reunited with my ancestors is like that of Jacob for Joseph, and the demise I shall soon meet is better for me. I see my limbs being torn by speeding steeds in the desert between al-Nawawis and Karbala, so they shall fill, through my death, hollow bellies and starved pouches. There is no avoiding a day recorded by the Pen.Whatever pleases Allah also pleases us, we Ahl al-Bayt. We shall be patient as we face His trial, and He shall give us in full the rewards due to those who persevere. The Prophet’s offspring shall not deviate from His path. Rather, they shall be gathered before him in the presence of the most Holy One His eyes shall be cooled upon seeing them assembled, and he shall fulfill his promise. Anyone among us who is ready to sacrifice himself and is determined to meet Allah should join our departing party, for I shall depart in the morning if Allah Almighty so wills''.

The above texts are clear statement that Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) came out while he was fully aware of the complete certainty that he would inevitably be killed, except that his pure blood would revive a nation and revive the spirit in it after the Umayyads deliberately killed it and desecrated its creed

So on Which authority is the Imam, peace be upon him, looking for when he knows his fate?











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