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جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

Imam Hussein in the human and sentimental conscience.. Al-Hussein in the conscience of humanity (Symphony of Hussein's Lovers)

The Husseini literature constitutes (one-third of Arabic poetry). The personality of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) has entered the consciences of all humanity (politicians - war leaders - thinkers, poets, philosophers, novelists, heads of state, revolutionaries, etc.) Hundreds of years ago, his revolution remained immortal, renewed, and benevolent until now, at a time when the world forgot the world wars and historical events, but the Husseini event remained immortal in the consciences, minds, and souls of people, and whenever the sacred month of Muharram approaches us, you see souls, hearts, and necks, and the heat of Husseini love beats in the hearts of the worlds, never cools. As the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) said, (The killing of my son Al-Hussein has a heat in the hearts of the believers that never cools).

The incident of Al-Taff (the battle of Ashura where Imam Hussein (a.s.) and his companions peace be upon them martyred)  lives alive in the conscience of all the free prophets, messengers, and righteous guardians of God. The issue of Al-Hussein is a pivotal issue in the global and cosmic system, due to its intellectual and psychological depth.

 Al-Taff represents the struggle between good and evil. Right was represented by Hussein (pbuh) and evil was represented by Yazid who threw the honorable Kaaba with a catapult. Therefore, Imam Hussein (pbuh) did the immortal act when he stood up to this tyrant... And it was an immortal Islamic act facing the level of the great injustice, tyranny and despotism of the Umayyad ruler.


Al-Hussein is a symbol and a banner of truth and justice in every age when there is the like of the tyrant Yazid . And Hussein is the Hussein of Iraq and the nation, and he is the one who preserves its unity, dignity and independence. Therefore, Hussein and Iraq are inseparable. He is our symbol of reform and freedom, and he is our compass if the goal is lost and the will weakens and we adopt the morals of defeat and the winds of degradation blow us away, weakness and the ability to colonize us.

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