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Imam Hussein’s loyal Companions in Karbala

11:15 AM | 2022-08-03 778
جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

One way of learning about the event of Ashura and what happened in the Battle of Karbala is learning about the 72 companions of Imam Hussein (AS).


Fully understanding different aspects of Imam Hussein’s (AS) uprising is not possible without knowing about his companions who contributed to this great epic.


Without knowing them, we will have an inadequate picture of what happened in Karbala.


His companions were a group of different people including old, young, and teenagers, descended from different ethnic groups.


According to Iqna.ir, Imam Hussein (AS) offers a sweet and amazing description of his companions. When talking with his sister, Zaynab (SA), on the night before Ashura, he says about them: “I swear upon Allah! I have tested them. I have observed that they are capable of being steadfast and patient during hard times. They are more attracted and attached to me than a newborn is attracted to its mother’s breast for milk.”


His companions were devoted, pure, pious, and sincere. They had seen previous battles and gotten through difficult tests and had now arrived in Karbala on Ashura.



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