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About Us
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جانب من تشيع الشهيد زكي غنام
تحميل الصورة

Who are we ......? / word of the Director of the Center

By Allah's bless , By the grace of God, His blessed success, and the blessings of the best of His creation, Muhammad and the family of Muhammad (pbuh), Karbala Center for Studies and Research was established in the year 2013 AD, holding strides to reach the ranks of the leading scientific institutions in Al Hussein holy shrine and outside it, locally and internationally.

The idea of establishing the center came at that time with the aim of playing an active and important role in relation to human and scientific studies and research related to the holy city of Karbala by finding a common ground for continuous communication between thought, opinion and decision makers, in addition to intensive cooperation with all counterpart institutions locally, regionally and internationally to ensure the achievement of the common goals.

Among the goals that this scientific and research entity aspires to achieve is the development of the knowledge production of the holy city of Karbala in all fields and in a qualitative manner that keeps pace with the human cultural balance and enriches it with what it enhances in all aspects, based on the cultural and scientific stock that the school of authentic Islam abounds in, according to several requirements. Including supporting individual and societal development by monitoring reality with its positives and problems, attracting competencies, and creating projects based on a set of studies according to studied criteria that promote moderation, intellectual moderation, and tolerant dialogue.

Scientific development comes as one of the goals required to be achieved by the center by studying the scientific reality, supporting existing research and developing what is available from it, nurturing emerging ideas and converting them from their theoretical form into practical reality, starting with the stage of preparing work plans and ending with implementation and harvesting preliminary results, in addition to publishing The culture of freedom and human rights in the whole world, the development of voluntary activity and charitable work and the link between institutions working in this field at all local and international levels, not to mention preserving the religious, historical and cultural heritage of the holy city of Karbala and securing its crossing into the future to reach its bright image, and communicating with parties of common interest By perpetuating the dialogue of human civilizations with the aim of bringing together sects and rejecting violence and sectarianism.


In this context, the Karbala Center for Studies and Research has had a significant number of academic achievements and strategic projects, including its success in writing the "Comprehensive Civilizational Encyclopedia of Karbala" which aims to record the history of the holy city of Karbala in all its religious, social and other aspects, in addition to the project "Tracking the Houses of Imam Hussein ( PBUH)" within the Iraqi borders, and it is one of the pioneering projects that the center has adopted since 2014 until the present time with the aim of confirming the homes of the path that Abu Al-Ahrar Al-Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) took in his immortal human revolution in the year (61 AH), while the third achievement was a writing project The Encyclopedia of the Blessed Arba'een Ziyarat (visitation), through which the center seeks to document the information on the blessed Ziyarat Al-Arba’een and those in charge of its revival and the participants in it who are lovers of Imam Hussein (PBUH) since the incident of Al-Taff to this day, not to mention the hundreds of publications that it accomplished during its young years and varied in their forms and content on Form (books, letters, treatises, magazines, pamphlets, encyclopedias, studies) in many scientific and human fields and issues.


This huge amount of achievements and projects was not only a result of the Center's own capabilities and the human competencies that it embraces and sustains its activity, but rather it was assisted by its professional capabilities in the field of public relations, which enabled it to conclude agreements and memorandums of understanding with countless governmental and private universities, institutions and research centers, as well as Scientific and academic personalities with a long history in various branches of science and knowledge.





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